Plexus Slim Cost

There are other options to getting the best plexus slim cost besides purchasing retail. For example, the plexus combo packs, “plexus slim and accelerator+” or “plexus slim and boost”, can be purchase at a preferred rate. Prices discussed below.

Plexus Slim Cost

5 STEPS to Purchase Preferred

1) Sign up as a preferred customer

2) Agree to the monthly auto-ship

3) On the Boost and Accelerator+ Combo pack you will save about $15

4) If you do not wish to continue using the products, you can cancel with a simple phone call.

5) If you don’t like the product, get a full refund


Purchase Retail for More


Typically speaking, I come across approximately 90% of long term plexus customers who paid the full retail price of plexus slim for the first few months of ordering.  Here I don’t want anyone to do that and have shared the steps above.

Is the Cancellation Difficult?

There’s an easy answer for that. Its not difficult, its rather simple.  All it takes is a one time phone call to the customer service desk. All you need is your order id number and it won’t take more than 2 minutes.

Why You Should Try It

– You will receive the lowest plexus slim cost through this website using our simple trick

The number of customers in my team who have been experiencing this wonderful product is over 300 and counting.  If you choose to go ahead with a team, I’d suggest go with the team who will support you the most.  We are that team. Weight loss is not an easy journey and although this product makes it much simpler, extra support never hurt anyone :)

Is This The Lowest Plexus Slim Cost?

The only way you can get a lower price is if you sign up as an ambassador and are promoting the product yourself.

On that note, if you continuously order the product for more than three months, you will then receive another $10 off your order.  Many  customers who did not become ambassadors, now receive this discount.

What are You Waiting For?

Someone once said “everything good in life comes to those who wait”.  Now I am a believer of that, but I believe thats true in a different context.  If you simply wait for someone to do something for you, then it will never happen.  If you start taking action and taking hold of your life.  This quote is good for one purpose.

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