Plexus Slim Business Opportunity

**Warning**  Please read this first.

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  Nor will you make $400/hour.  Please understand this opportunity is for those looking for extra work or for a select few, a new career.  It is not easy and it requires work. I do not want to make promises to people that are false.  Yes, you can make money and even go full time with Plexus; for some its simply enough to send them on an extra vacation per year.  With that said, please read on below to see if this is right for you.

Plexus Slim Opportunity

9 Reasons Why

1. Virtually No Financial Risk

This is like a business in a box.  You don’t have a develop a product, create marketing material, store the product, ship the product, deal with returns, get health approvals etc… You don’t have to do payroll or hire employees.  Plexus does all of this for you for a one time yearly fee. Plexus’ leaders support you throughout the journey.  And I will be your personal support member teaching you how to actually make money.

2. Extremely Low Start-Up Costs.

Traditional business cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to set up. This costs you next to nothing.  Think about wearhouses, distribution, employees, marketing, R&D… the list goes on.  For only $34.99/year you get access to all of this.

3. Residual Income

What is residual income you ask?  Good Question.  It is income that is paid to you if you are not working, month after month, year after year.  Once you build your income, it is yours and will continue to come to you.  As you develop your business this income will grow and grow. There are also other types of bonuses that as you build your business you will be eligible for.  All of these can truly be a life changing experience.

4. Flexibility

Are you a part time mom?  Do you work a normal day job?  That doesn’t matter – b/c with Plexus it is completely up to you to decide how much time and effort to put into your Plexus business. You decide when you work.

5. Leveraging Others

The efforts of you are multiplied by those who you bring into the business.  The more you train and develop their skills, the more you benefit.  Eventually you support a team, but you have to get there first.

6. Tax Benefits

These speak for themselves. Running this business can lower your burden of taxes to pay.  Many things can now be deducted including vehicle costs, travel, insurance, office expense and others.

7. Business Icons embrace this business

People Like Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Stephen Covey and Warren Buffet have all endorsed network marketing as a viable and effective business model.  Why don’t you introduce it into your life?

8. Your business will thrive in an economic downturn

This business is recession proof.  Numbers of experts glorify the potential of network marketing in a down economy.  This industry has proven to grow itself when these downturns occur.  Your plexus business therefore is sustainable when the market takes a dive.

9.  Freedom

You are your own boss. This is my favourite part. All your results are dependant on your efforts. Control your life. Take the chance today, or forever wonder what your life could have been like.


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