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Thank you for visiting my about me page.  I had been a plexus worldwide ambassador for a few years.  Anyways, my story with plexus began in a funny way; so let me begin for you…

Hated My Job… What Next?

I had recently quit my job with no job lined up.  Do you think this was crazy in our economy? Yes, but to me it wasn’t.  Although I did this, please don’t do this yourself, especially if you have family.

Before I did this, I was miserable and hated every day I worked.  I worked no more than 5 hours a day in a sales role for Kraft Foods, but I wasn’t happy.  I didn’t get to work with the people I wanted to.  My team was nonexistent and unsupportive. I was out there on my own and I was lonely every day.

For my job, I managed a retail area of foodservice establishments.  My territory was worth over $5 million and my job paid well. I had a company car, gas and insurance all paid for plus a good salary.  But this wasn’t enough to satisfy me and make me happy.

I remember waking up every day hoping something would change, but nothing came… nothing came until one day I decided I was going to try something new. I was so miserable with my job that I saved up all my money over the next two months then quit.

 First Entrepreneurial Failure

I setup an e-commerce site called NitroLine. I imported 6 foot cellphone charging cables from China and shipped them across North America. I mean who doesn’t want a longer cellphone charging cable?  Think about it, when your in bed, on the couch and can’t reach your phone… yeah that happens a lot I know.  This was a fun endeavour but the competition was fierce.  I was the first person to sell these products online, but competing against Amazon, Ebay and other e-commerce retailers, my margins quickly evaporated. Plus I had to purchase, stock, ship and advertise all on my own. I had some help and employees, but it was a lot to handle for the little bit of money I received.

Second Entreprenurial Failure

So next I decided to take my newly developed skills in web design and development and try to offer my services.  I got a few contracts, but they were all very small.  This biggest issue was that the only people willing to pay for this skill were big corporations. I had a tough time attracting these clients, and I didn’t want to work for a big corporation, so freelancing for me failed.

Third Entrepreneurial Attempt = Success

I finally came across something I made money at. It was SEO. I built websites, wrote articles for them and then ranked them in google. I became extremely good at this, even doing it for some clients at a high rate of pay. Mostly I did it for myself as people couldn’t understand the risk and investment required to be successful in this space. Regardless, I am doing this today still. I now have a successful web design company and am continuously growing my SEO business and affiliate sites.

Contact me

I hope this helps you decide if this product or business is right for you.  .  I don’t like giving my number out online, but if you contact me I can give it to you.  Just don’t want those spammy advertisers getting a hold of it.

 Best of Luck

Best of luck and take care. I hope this article was informative and I wish you the best luck on your weight loss journey, whether that’s with us or not.  Sieze the Day, Live in the Present, and Enjoy Your Life!

Always Love


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